Veterinary Sciences

Year 1

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC1041 2 Cell and Tissue Biology for Agriculture and Veterinary Science
ANIM1024 2 Animal Husbandry
ANIM1060 2 Animal and Veterinary Biology
BIOC1011 2 Molecular Basis of Life
VETS1003 2 Digestion, Metabolism & Nutrition
VETS1018 2 Veterinary Professional Foundations
VETS1021 2 Functional Anatomy of Locomotion and the Integument
VETS1023 2 Animal Handling, Behaviour and Welfare for Veterinary Students

Year 2


Course Code Units Course Title
ANIM2501 2 Applied Animal Nutrition & Grazing Management
ANIM2503 2 Animal Breeding & Molecular Genetics
VETS2006 2 Principles of Disease I
VETS2007 2 Principles of Disease II
VETS2008 2 Veterinary Reproduction
VETS2011 4 Structure and Function I
VETS2012 2 Structure and Function II

Year 3

Course Code Units Course Title
VETS3010 4 Infectious Diseases [1]
VETS3011 8 Pathophysiology, Pharmacological & Clinical Principles Used in Diagnosis of Diseases in Body Syst [1]
VETS3012 2 Animal Production Systems and Welfare
VETS3022 2 Animal and Veterinary Enterprises

Year 4

Course Code Units Course Title
VETS4010 6 Companion Animal Clinical Studies [1]
VETS4011 4 Ruminant Clinical Studies [1]
VETS4012 2 Principles of Clinical Practice
VETS4021 2 Intensive Livestock Medicine
VETS4022 2 Equine Clinical Studies [1]

Year 5

Course Code Units Course Title
VETS5012 2 Veterinary Public Health and Pathology
VETS5015 2 Equine Clinics
VETS5021 4 Veterinary Professional Practice
VETS5023 2 Small Animal Clinics
VETS5024 2 Rural Veterinary Practice – Livestock Medicine
VETS5028 2 Veterinary Anaesthesia and Radiology

Year 5 Electives

Course Code Units Course Title
[ VETS5016 2 Clinical Veterinary Elective
[ or
[ VETS5017 2 Research Veterinary Elective


End notes

  • [1] This course is offered over more than one semester. Enrol in the same course code in each semester.