Bachelor of Dental Science

Year 1

Course Code Units Course Title
BIOL1040 2 Cells to Organisms
CHEM1222 2 Chemistry for Pharmacy & Dentistry
DENT1011 2 Foundations of Dental Practice
DENT1030 2 Foundations of Oral Rehabilitation
ORAL1010 2 Biomedical Foundations of Oral Health I
ORAL1020 2 Oral Biosciences I
ORAL1030 2 Introduction to Clinical Practice I
ORAL1050 2 Oral Biosciences II

Year 2

Course Code Units Course Title
DENT2022 4 Dental Practice I
DENT2030 4 Oral Rehabilitation I
DENT2052 6 Advanced Biomedical Sciences for Dentistry
DENT2062 2 Advanced Oral Biosciences

Year 3

Course Code Units Course Title
DENT3020 4 Dental Practice II
DENT3030 2 Oral Rehabilitation II
DENT3042 2 Dentistry for Children I
DENT3050 2 Personal & Prof Development I
DENT3062 2 Oral Diagnostic Sciences I
DENT3072 2 Oral Surgical Sciences I
DENT3082 2 Periodontology

Year 4

Course Code Units Course Title
DENT4022 4 Dental Practice III
DENT4030 2 Oral Rehabilitation III
DENT4042 2 Dentistry for Children II
DENT4052 2 Personal & Professional Development II
DENT4062 2 Oral Diagnostic Sciences II
DENT4072 2 Oral Surgical Sciences II
DENT4082 2 Periodontics & Dental Implantology

Year 5

Course Code Units Course Title
DENT5012 14 General Dental Practice in the Community
DENT5022 2 Personal & Professional Development III