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By: Anon.
Grade Achieved: 5
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 4/5 – Fairly Difficult
Most Relevant Content Came From: Lectures
Lecturer: Thomas Suddendorf
How Good Was The Lecturer? 4/5 – Pretty Good
Semester Taken: Semester 1, 2014

In This Course:

– The textbook is not actually necessary.
– The lecturer does not just read off the slides.
– This course gives ‘free’ or participation marks
– You can NOT do the whole course online.
– Staff will not give good assignment/exam hints.
– Assignments/exams are not necessarily marked fairly.
-This course HAS a final.

Overall Comment:

Interesting stuff, the final exam was not too hard, but you have to know your content as it is largely short answer, past exam papers are a good indicator of what to expect. There are marks for tutorial participation and attendance. Tutorials are not really based in the course content, they are largely focused on a 10% speech that you perform to the tutorial class. The speech is very easy, the topic is flexible and I believe they are marked gently. 3 weeks in there is a mid sem quiz, it is worthwhile studying in detail for this as it only covers 3 lectures and is worth 15%. The essay is where my marks dropped in this subject. The essay is on the same topic as the speech, i believe the generally good marks given on the speech gives a false sense of security for the essay. It is a completely different beast and worth a lot of the course grade.