• Assignment Difficulty
  • Tutorial Importance
  • Lecture Importance
  • Difficulty of Marker
  • Test Volatility Meter

By: Gus Douglas
Grade Achieved: 6
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 2/5 – Fairly Easy
Most Relevant Content Came From: Lectures
How Good Was The Lecturer? 5/5
Semester Taken: Semester 1, 2012

In This Course:
– Staff will give good assignment/exam hints.
– The textbook is not actually necessary.
– Assignments/exams are marked fairly.
– The lecturer does not just read off the slides.
– You can pretty much do the whole course online.
– This course gives some ‘free’ or participation marks

Overall Comment:
The physics covered in this course is all pretty basic. The majority content overlaps with high school level physics so I’d definitely recommend  this course to anyone who has completed year 12 physics. However, if you haven’t done any physics before I would recommend attending the lectures as some of it is quite conceptual.

The pracs are a bit slow and the weekly online quizzes take a while, but once you get over that the assessment is all pretty easy. Overall it is an easy course to pass and it is very possible to achieve a good grade in.