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By: Victor
Grade Achieved: 7
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 1/5 – Extremely Easy
Most Relevant Content Came From: Lectures, Tutorials
Lecturer: Ian Wood, Meng Wong Taing
How Good Was The Lecturer? 3/5 – Decent
Semester Taken: Semester 1, 2014

In This Course:

– The textbook is not actually necessary.
– Assignments/exams are marked fairly.
– You can pretty much do the whole course online.
– Staff will NOT give good assignment/exam hints.
– This course DOES NOT give ‘free’ or participation marks
– The lecturer just reads off the slides.

Overall Comment:
One of the two mandatory 1st Year Pharmacy Courses, PHRM1020 is basically a guaranteed Pass if you put in a bit of work remembering formulas.

The course is spilt up into two components, Pharmaceutical Calculations (50%) and Data Analysis (50%)

Pharmaceutical Calculations:
What do you get when you mix Year 8 Maths with pharmaceutical compounding? Pharmaceutical Calculations. This part of PHRM1020 is ridiculously easy, and assessment is in the form of 4 online quiz’s (2.5% each) and 4 tutorial Exams (10% each), both of which are identical. Lectures are not at all compulsory, although the lecturer Dr Wong is a pretty cool guy. The one downside is that this part of the course has a 75% pass rate as opposed to 50%,which is still easily attainable.

Data Analysis (50%):
The other part of this course, and somewhat more frustrating. All you’ll need to remember is which formulas to use for which scenarios in this course, but this is not made very explicitly clear by the lecturer, Ian Wood. You’re better off just watching his lectures online at double speed, as he wastes a lot of time going off on unneeded tangents about unrelated topics.

One of the easier 1st Year Pharmacy subjects, although some of the topics can be a little frustrating to understand, the course is still an easy pass if you use and apply the formulas given correctly.