• Assignment Difficulty
  • Tutorial Importance
  • Lecture Importance
  • Difficulty of Marker
  • Test Volatility Meter

By: Victor
Grade Achieved: 7
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 1/5 – Extremely Easy
Most Relevant Content Came From: Lectures
Lecturer: Ms Jacqueline Bond
How Good Was The Lecturer? 5/5 – Top Lecturer!
Semester Taken: Semester 1, 2014

In This Course:
– Assignments/exams are marked fairly.
– You can pretty much do the whole course online.
– The lecturer just read off the slides.
– This course DOES NOT give ‘free’ or participation marks
– Staff will NOT give good assignment/exam hints.
– The textbook may actually be necessary.

Overall Comment:
Otherwise known as “Introductory Pharmacy 1” PHRM1011 is one of the compulsory 1st year courses all 1st year Pharmacists are required you to take at UQ. It basically give you an all-round insight into the pharmacy profession as a whole, but does not necessarily focus on the Biology/Chemistry side of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The lecturer, Jacqueline Bond, has led an amazing life, and although you can easily learn all you need from the final exam if you don’t attend lectures, she explains things pretty well and puts an interesting spin on things. However, lectures are not really necessary at all, as all the information you need for the final exam (which was worth 60%) is found either on lecture slides or on past exams, which have all been practically identical over the past 5 years, and probably the most useful tool you’ll need to ace the exam.

In terms of attending tutorials, there is a lot of ambiguity whether or not tutorials for this course are “compulsory” or not. But, on the whole, the tutorials are only helpful for the 20% Oral exam, which can easily be studied for the night before. The 9% group activity is also a piece of cake, and can be knocked over in an afternoon easily.

Overall, the course is pretty good, but nearly all the information you are given can be learned either through lecture slides and online. As it is only limited to and compulsory for all 1st year Pharmacy Students, it is a pretty breezy course which guarantees basically guarantees a pass in your first semester of Pharmacy.