• Assignment Difficulty
  • Tutorial Importance
  • Lecture Importance
  • Difficulty of Marker
  • Test Volatility Meter

By: Jarred
Grade Achieved: 6
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 1/5 – Very Easy
Most Relevant Content Came From: Tutorials
In This Course:
– The textbook is not actually necessary.
– You can pretty much do the course online.
– There are some free/participation marks given.
– The lecturer pretty much just reads off the slides.
– Staff will give good assignment/exam hints.

Overall Comment:
Tutorials are necessary! The exam only being about 30%, don’t even worry about going to lectures or watching them. Write out notes.

Assignments are marked by tutors, very dependent on what tutor you get. If you think it’s an unfair mark, ask for a resubmission.

Spent relatively no time in this subject, save that for the scientific ones.