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By: Anon.
Grade Achieved: 4
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 4/5 – Fairly Difficult
Most Relevant Content Came From: Lectures, Tutorials, Contact Sessions
Lecturer: Julien
How Good Was The Lecturer? 1/5 – Ouch.
Semester Taken: Semester 1, 2014

In This Course:

– This course gives ‘free’ or participation marks.
– The lecturer does not just read off the slides.
– Assignments/exams are not marked fairly.
– Staff will not give good assignment/exam hints.
-This course HAS a final.
– The textbook is actually necessary.
– You can NOT do the whole course online.

Overall Comment:

This is the 3rd french speaking course offered at UQ. It is for intermediate levels of French.

Going to class is complusory and absolutely needed for the course; there is very little assistance online.
The course does have a participation section, however your participation is graded (not stated in the ECP).

The content requires a lot of outside work, not an easy pass.
Teachers seemed reluctant to help for assesments and even gave misleading suggestions for orals to throw you off.