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By: Anon
Grade Achieved:6
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 2/5 – Fairly Easy
Most Relevant Content Came From: Unknown
Lecturer: Chris Campbell
How Good Was The Lecturer? 1/5 – Not great
Semester Taken: Semester 1, 2014

In This Course:

– You can NOT do the whole course online.
– This course might not give ‘free’ or participation marks.
– Assignments/exams are not necessarily marked fairly.
– Staff will not really give good assignment/exam hints.
– The lecturer just read off the slides.
– The textbook might actually necessary.

Overall Comment:

This course is the worst. The best thing about this course is the readings (which the lecturer set, but contradicts, because she is a cyber-utopian person that can’t figure out the software she “teaches” you to use).

If you suck at technology, make friends with someone who gets it. They will be significantly more use to you than any of the teaching staff for this abomination of a university course.