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By: Michael van Gend
Grade Achieved: 5
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 3/5 – Average Difficulty
Most Relevant Content Came From: Lectures, PASS Classes
Lecturer: KK Tang
How Good Was The Lecturer? 4/5 – Yeah pretty good hey.
Semester Taken: Semester 1, 2014

In This Course:
– This course does not give ‘free’ or participation marks.
– The textbook is NOT actually necessary.
– The lecturer does not just read off the slides.
– Staff will NOT give good assignment/exam hints.
-This course HAS a final.
– Assignments/exams are not necessarily marked fairly.
– You can NOT do the whole course online.

Overall Comment:

The problem I had with this course was the style of the multi choice questions in the exams. It was often really difficult to pick the correct answer as there were always responses like “a and b are correct”, and “all of the above are correct” or “none of the above are correct” (and there were 64 MC questions to do in 1 hour on the mid semester exam!!!!). Aside from that, the bonus marks were sick but required probably 45 minutes work per week. For those who are tossing up between ECON1010 and ECON1020 for an easy elective, I promise you that ECON1010 is the easier by a long shot!