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  • Tutorial Importance
  • Lecture Importance
  • Difficulty of Marker
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By: Anon.
Grade Achieved: 7
Overall Rating of Course Difficulty: 5/5 – Extremely Difficult
Most Relevant Content Came From: Tutorials
Lecturer: Jason Stokes
How Good Was The Lecturer? 3/5 – Average!
Semester Taken: Semester 2, 2013

In This Course:

– This course gives ‘free’ or participation marks.
– Assignments/exams are marked fairly.
– The textbook is not actually necessary.
– The lecturer does not just read off the slides.
-This course HAS a final.
– Staff will not give good assignment/exam hints.
– You can NOT do the whole course online.

Overall Comment:

Heavy work load for this course. Lecture slides were often skipped and left for your own time due to a shortage of time. Ensure that you know the content at the end of each week to avoid getting bogged down. Also consider doing ENGG1400 if you can as  knowledge of basic statics will help for some of the content. Definitely not a requirement though. I did not get the textbook and so cannot comment on whether it is useful or not, but I managed alright without it.

Practicals and portfolios are challenging and often designed to be harder than exam problems. I highly recommend attending the tutorial as there are plenty of tutors available to assist with these problems. From memory I believe there were some bonus marks awarded for students who  completed some extra questions, including making videos of concepts, and developing exam questions.

Final exam was hard to the point of questions being impossible to solve during the exam, and including questions with no right answers. Definitely the hardest exam I have faced up to that point. Results did appear to be bell curved though and the content was interesting and relative to further study.