Accounting (ACCT Courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
ACCT1101 2 Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT2101 2 Financial Reporting
ACCT2102 2 Fundamentals of Cost Accounting
ACCT3101 2 Auditing & Public Practice
ACCT3102 2 External Reporting Issues
ACCT3103 2 Accounting for Corporate Structures
ACCT3104 2 Managerial Costing & Control
ACCT3105 2 Advanced Management Accounting
ACCT3201 2 Business Information Systems
ACCT6101 2 Financial Information in Capital Markets
ACCT6102 2 Accounting Honours – Special Topic
ACCT6103 2 Auditing Honours
ACCT6104 2 Managerial Accounting Honours A

Advertising (ADVT Courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
ADVT2506 2 Online Advertising
ADVT2509 2 Foundations of Advertising
ADVT2510 2 Advertising Media
ADVT2511 2 Advertising and Consumer Culture
ADVT3505 2 Advertising Strategy
ADVT3506 2 Media Buying and Planning
ADVT3507 2 Creative Advertising and Production
ADVT3508 2 Contemporary Issues in Advertising

Communication (COMU courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
COMU2020 2 Professional Practice & Ethics
COMU2030 2 Communication Research Methods

Finance (FINM courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
FINM1401 2 Personal Wealth Management
FINM2401 2 Financial Management
FINM3401 2 Corporate Finance
FINM3402 2 Investments & Portfolio Management
FINM3403 2 International Financial Management
FINM3404 2 Banking & Lending Decisions
FINM3405 2 Derivatives & Risk Management
FINM6401 2 Corporate Finance Honours
FINM6402 2 Empirical Finance Honours
FINM6403 2 Asset Pricing Honours

International Business (IBUS courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
IBUS2301 2 International Business Management
IBUS2302 2 Globalisation & Business
IBUS3303 2 Managing International Business Operations
IBUS3304 2 Business Opportunities in Asia
IBUS3305 2 Doing Business in Europe
IBUS3306 2 Managing International Legal Environment
IBUS3309 2 Managing Across Cultures

Information Systems and Electronic Commerce (INFS courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
INFS2233 2 Foundations of Electronic Commerce
INFS2244 2 Electronic Commerce Systems Development
INFS3222 2 Systems Analysis & Design
INFS6211 2 Information Systems Honours
INFS6222 2 Research in Electronic Commerce

Law (LAWS courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
LAWS2000 2 Real Estate Law
LAWS6100 2 Corporations, Law & Governance

Management (MGTS courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
MGTS1201 2 Computer-based Information Systems
MGTS1301 2 Introduction to Management
MGTS1601 2 Organisational Behaviour
MGTS1602 2 Business Communication Across Boundaries
MGTS2202 2 Data and Information Management
MGTS2603 2 Leading & Managing People
MGTS2604 2 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MGTS2606 2 Managerial Skills & Communication
MGTS2607 2 Employment Relations
MGTS2608 Business Communication Across Boundaries
MGTS3203 2 Database Management in Business
MGTS3204 2 Electronic Commerce Infrastructure Management
MGTS3205 2 Securing the Commercial Internet
MGTS3207 2 Managing the Virtual Organisation
MGTS3208 2 Managing Information Systems & Services
MGTS3301 2 Business Policy & Strategy
MGTS3307 Demography for Business Strategy
MGTS3601 2 Organisational Design & Change Management
MGTS3602 2 Managing Workplace Conflict
MGTS3603 2 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGTS3604 2 Training & Development
MGTS3605 2 Negotiating Employment Agreements
MGTS3606 2 Managing in the Global Workplace
MGTS3607 2 Managing Performance
MGTS3608 2 People, Productivity and the Public Sector
MGTS3611 2 Working in Teams
MGTS3614 2 Knowledge, Innovation and Creativity
MGTS6300 Management Research Paradigms
MGTS6301 2 Theory & Research in Strategic Management
MGTS6600 2 Organisational Research Paradigms

Marketing (MKTG courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
MKTG1501 2 Foundations of Marketing
MKTG2501 2 Consumer Behaviour
MKTG2505 2 Product and Service Management
MKTG2508 2 Brand Management and Strategy
MKTG2511 2 Marketing Analysis
MKTG3501 2 Marketing Strategy
MKTG3503 2 Sales and Account Management
MKTG3504 2 Applied Market Research
MKTG3509 2 Contemporary Issues in Marketing
MKTG6500 2 Marketing Theory and Research
MKTG6501 2 Consumer Theory and Research

Organisational Communications (ORGC courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
ORGC1603 2 Foundations of Corporate Communication
ORGC2601 2 Influence & Persuasion
ORGC2609 2 Communications, Technology & Change
ORGC2610 2 Corporate Communication
ORGC3610 2 Current Topics in Communication
ORGC3622 2

Property Studies (REDE courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
REDE1100 2 Valuation Principles
REDE1300 2 Building Construction Management & Economics
REDE2201 2 Real Estate Investment
REDE3100 2 Urban & Rural Valuation
REDE3101 2 Statutory Valuation
REDE3102 2 Advanced Valuation
REDE3201 2 Real Estate Property & Asset Management
REDE3202 2 Development Appraisal Project
REDE6200 2 Advanced Real Estate & Development Project

Research in Business (RBUS courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
RBUS2900 2 Business Research Methods
RBUS3613 Business Communication Project
RBUS3901 Qualitative Business Research Methods
RBUS3902 2 Quantitative Business Research Methods
RBUS3903 Special Topics in Business
RBUS3904 Professional Practice Management
RBUS3905 2 Research Methods in Communication
RBUS3999 2 Business Industry Placement
RBUS6601 Readings in Business Communication
RBUS6602 Research Business Communication
RBUS6900 Scientific Method
RBUS6901 Qualitative Business Research Methods
RBUS6902 2 Quantitative Business Research Methods
RBUS6911 Commerce Honours Seminar
RBUS6913 Commerce Contemporary Resesarch Issues
RBUS6921 2 Scientific Method in Commerce
RBUS6922 2 Scientific Method in Commerce
RBUS6931 2 Scientific Method in Management
RBUS6932 2 Scientific Method in Management
RBUS6981 4 Industry Project
RBUS6991 6 Honours Thesis
RBUS6993 6 Honours Thesis
RBUS6994 6 Honours Thesis

Technology and Innovation (TIMS courses)

Course Code Units Course Name
TIMS3302 2 Entrepreneurship
TIMS3309 2 Fundamentals of Technology & Innovation Management