Agricultural and Food Sciences

Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Program Requirements

A student is required to obtain #64 comprising-
#50 from Part A, #6 from Part B (honour Students only) and the remainder from Part C #22 must be late year courses

To be eligible for Honours a student must-
a) have completed at least #32 from Part A, and
b) gain a GPA of 5

Part A

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC1010 2 Systems Thinking and Practice for Environmental and Agrifood Industries
AGRC1014 2 Plant Production Principles
AGRC1020 2 Applied Animal Biology
AGRC1021 2 Applied Plant Biology
AGRC1031 2 Australia’s Bio-Physical Environment
AGRC2001 2 Agricultural Biochemistry
AGRC2013 2 Agricultural Microbiology & Gene Technology
AGRC2040 2 Agroecology
AGRC3017 2 Agricultural Genetics & Biotechnology
AGRC3028 2 Agricultural Science Internship Enterprise Analysis
AGRC3029 2 Agricultural Science Internship Professional Development
AGRC3030 4 Agricultural Science Internship Workplace-Project
ANIM1014 2 Animal Welfare, Behaviour & Handling
ANIM2051 2 Animal Anatomy & Physiology 1
ANIM2052 2 Animal Anatomy & Physiology 2
CHEM1004 2 Chemistry
ENVM3523 2 Natural Resource Management
LAND2003 2 The Soil Environment
LAND3007 2 Land Use & Management
MATH1040 2 Basic Mathematics
MGTS1960 2 Business Management I
MKTG1502 2 Agriculture & Food Industry Marketing
PLNT2002 2 Plant Physiology
STAT2701 2 Biometrics I

Part B

Honours students choose #6 from the following

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC3032 2 Research Methodologies for Agriculture

and choose one of the following –


Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC4611 4 Research Project [1]
AGRC4612 4 Research Project [1]

Honours students choose the remaining #8 from Part C – at least #2 need to be late year courses.
Pass degree students must choose the remaining #14 from Part C – at least #8 need to be late year courses.

Part C

Course Code Units Course Title
AGRC1016 2 Food & Fibre in the E-Landscape
AGRC2014 2 Problem Solving in Natural and Agrifood Systems
AGRC3002 2 Crop Production Science
AGRC3006 2 Pasture Science
AGRC3023 2 Agrifood Strategy & Competitiveness
AGRC3027 2 Agricultural and Resource Policy
AGRC3602 2 Special Topic II
ANIM2021 2 Thermal Adaption of Animals
ANIM2040 2 Animal Biosecurity
ANIM2053 2 Animal Nutrition
ANIM3006 2 Animal Health and Epidemiology
ANIM3011 2 Animal Production & Product Quality
ANIM3012 2 Extensive Animal Production
ANIM3013 2 Intensive Animal Production
ANIM3018 2 Wildlife Technologies
ANIM3019 2 Animal Reproduction
ANIM3043 2 The Behaviour and Management of Animals in Society
ANIM3046 2 Animal Breeding & Genetics
ENVM2521 2 Participatory Research, Development and Extension Practice
FINM3960 2 Investment Project Appraisal
GEOM2001 2 Geographical Information Systems
GEOM3002 2 Advanced Geographical Information Systems
GEOS2101 2 Climatology & Hydrology
GNET3001 2 Quantitative Genetics
HORT2007 2 Horticultural Science
HORT3003 2 Production Horticulture
HORT3008 2 Lifestyle Horticulture
IBUS3960 2 Export Practices and Procedures
LAND3005 2 Soil Plant Relationships
LAND3006 2 Soils, Landscapes & Environments
LAWS1100 2 Business Law
MGTS2604 2 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MGTS2961 2 Working with Groups & Teams
MICR3004 2 Microbial Genetics & Genomics
MKTG1501 2 Foundations of Marketing
MKTG2961 2 Agribusiness Sales
MKTG3960 2 Applied Market Research
MKTG3961 2 Commodities, Futures and Options
OHSS1000 2 Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety
PLNT2011 2 Plant and Environmental Health
PLNT3009 2 Plant Protection
PLNT3012 2 Weed Science
VETS2006 2 Principles of Disease I
VETS2007 2 Principles of Disease II